Moments in time...


Welcome to the 3000 years of history! The history of Pula starts with the myth of the Argonauts and the search for the Golden Fleece. It was the home of the Histrians, the Romans and the Venetians. Once the central Austrian port, today it is the largest cultural and economic center of Istria. Various layers of history took part in the making of this unique town in which Roman temples defy baroque palaces, early Christian churches stand face to face to Austrian villas, and the remnants of mediaeval walls are cut through by antique town gates.

Moments in time...

And then, you will come across the Amphitheatre, revealing itself to you in all its beauty. This is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world, the most significant monument in Pula! Arena, the place where gladiators faced lions, used to be able to entertain 25 000 spectators. This grandiose edifice allows you to get an insight of its glorious history, the one you can see, feel, and experience. It also serves as a host to greatest cultural programs.

Still, there is more. The Austrian Pula, with its numerous gorgeous historicist buildings surrounding the port and the historical nucleus, waits for your arrival. Wherever you go, you will see that the town's rich history and culture make a perfect scenography for supreme musical and dramatic spectacles. Concerts, operas, ballet, theatrical performances, film festivals – this is only a small part of what Pula has to offer.

Only some 10 km north of Pula, you can enjoy the loveliness of picturesque Istrian small towns Vodnjan and Fažana. Stone houses and grandiose church-towers reflect the peacefulness of the times past. Looking at the sea, you will see the Brijuni islands. In this unique national park, exceptional historical monuments make peace with the cultivated landscape rich with flora and fauna from all over the world.

If you go some 10 km south of Pula, you will come across a beautiful peaceful bay with archipelago of islets and the picturesque small town of Medulin. Due to its perfectly clear sea, its rich offer and pleasant climate, Medulin is one of the most desirable tourist destinations when it comes to family vacation. On the other side of the Medulin bay, Pomer and Premantura are settled. Once homes of fishermen and farmers, today they are tourist places, gates through which you can reach the most southern part of Istria, Kamenjak Cape, a nature reserve and one of those wonders that only nature can create. Do visit this gentle wilderness!


Source: www.istra.hr