Island Rab

If you want relaxation and pleasure, numerous sandy beaches are an excellent choice! If you want to experience something new, visit Rab events. If you want an active vacation, choose something from our rich sports and leisure offer.


Welcome to the island of Rab, a town and island of marvellous scenic diversity, a variety of beautiful beaches, a cultural milieu dating back to pre-Roman times, with its four characteristic bell-towers, a town of rich historic heritage further refined into a complete experience for the senses, long pleasant walks, more than 120 years of experience in organised tourism and to cap it all, the kindness, hospitality and diligence of the island's people.

A beautiful sea, rich in natural healing herbs, fertile fields, vineyards and olive groves but also, first and foremost, the people of Rab, genuinely glad to see every guest, each of whom they receive as a dear friend. That is what makes this Mediterranean Adriatic island a top holiday destination all year round.

Places to visit


A town of living history.

Supetarska draga 

One of the oldest island villages, with a particularly rich nautical tradition, surrounded by nearby islets full of sandy and pebbly beaches, good restaurants, traditional produce, accommodation on land and sea and everything the small-scale mariner might need.


A tourist village close to and with a view of the old town centre, known for its sandy inlet beaches – Padova I, II and III – and also featuring the Lungo Mare promenade, and especially its rich cuisine, eco-friendly farm products, wide assortment of accommodation and in the midst of it all the proud figure of its patron St Lucia.


Those interested in the history of Barbat can take a trip to the ruins of an old Christian Greek military fortification on St Damien’s Hill, on the Karmenica holiday (festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel), celebrated on the 16th July, guests and locals alike can revel in the delicacies that are Barbat’s fruits of the earth and the sea.


The place is known for its exceptional natural beauty and picturesque sandy beaches along the highly indented coastline.